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Who are we

Velvetmonkey is an independently owned creative agency located in London, diving in Strategy, Design, Digital, Communications and Advertising. We are a group of free-thinking creatives from around the world.

Each with a shared mission to create a much more free-flowing relationship with their clients to tune with the fast-trending, dynamic nature of today’s digital advertising world.


What we do

We work with start-ups, SMEs and large companies. Our strategic thinking lets us constantly measure the pulse of the market, so we can unlock it’s potential for your brand by identifying key insights into the brands’ needs.

Data driven and Precise Strategies

Work with clients to develop strategies for brand growth, translate your brand mission into a clear, user-centric experience

Bring your Brand Mission to life

Highly impactful communication across all

touch-points, deliver engagement and

conversion-focused marketing solutions.

Campaign Sustainability

Social contents &
Influrencer Network support


Keeping communication flow direct, clear and efficient across all markets.



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